We are excited to announce that you can write for us. No matter, whether you have been writing for a bit of time or you are an expert in health content. All we are looking for is interesting information and quality content for our health website. However, we would suggest you go through our guideline points before sending us your content.


Loose To Gain is open to guest posts and blog advertising now.
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Write For Us + Health

It is our aim to create a huge platform where people can share their work and knowledge regarding health and fitness. But at the same time, we do not want to compromise on the quality of content because it is our content that built trust in the audience.

Make sure your content is related to health, healthy diet, fitness, weight loss tips, and similar topics to the healthcare industry. Also, keep in mind that the content should be informative and genuine because if we will find anything that can mislead our audience we cannot post it. At the same time, your content should be bringing curiosity, questions, and your own thoughts.

Prior to sending your content, you can communicate with us regarding the topic. This way we both can work together to provide our audience with quality and informative content. Nobody wants to compromise their health. Therefore we make sure that either the content should have information that is authentic or genuine. If you have any health guest posts or blog advertisement queries, feel free to discuss them.

Once you will send us your article we will need 2 days for reviewing it. If your content meets our quality standard then we will publish it in the next 3 days. Due to any reason if we will encounter any issue or delay, we will inform you.

You can contact us regarding write for us health and fitness. Message us on our email [email protected]

Health | Fitness | Weight Loss Write for Us Guidelines

  • Your minimum worth count length should be 1000 words and there is no maximum limit.
  • We only accept 100% unique content without any plagiarism.
  • Your article should consist of at least five headings and a short paragraph underneath. Make sure that you are writing easily understandable English without grammatical mistakes. The tone of the content should be informative and educational.
  • Your content should have one or more photographs that explain your main topic and subheadings.
  • Only relevant links are allowed from relevant resources.
  • The topic should be mainly related to health, fitness, weight loss, and a nutritious diet or healthcare industry.

How to Submit your Post?

  1. Send your conetent in the format of Google doc or attach it to an email (Microsoft Word Doc) on this email: [email protected].
  2. Attach relevant pictures for the post (Make sure pictures must be in high resulotion).
  3. If we have acknowledged your article, we’ll let you know the scheduled date. Most likely, guest posts are published within 2 or 3 days.