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Pre-workout make you poop because of the supplements you take before the pre workout which makes you do poop probably because of the ingredients that are present in them. According to the research, it is mostly because of the caffeine or the artificial sweeteners that are comprised of ingredients that make you pre workout poop. Or it could be depending on the amount of intake of your supplements that make you poop at the gym.

Today, we will be discussing some major reasons for pre workout poops sensations and reasons. And why people are unable to control their bowel moments due to the pre workout supplements that they intake. It reacts differently on different bodies because it carries a huge amount of caffeine per serving.

Pre workout is a supplement that causes to increase the energy level depending on the ingredients, improves the performance of your exercise, helps in the growth of your muscles, and helps them to focus on their training. These supplements help them to endure their hit cardio mostly used by athletes, weightlifters, and runners when they do hit cardio or are specially trained for their competitions.


Yes, it is true that pre workout does make you poop. Supplements that are preserved in their ingredients can make you poop. Having a pre workout supplement can cause you sudden bowel moments. However, it depends on your body and how it reacts to it. Everyone has different digestive systems. If this is true, there are some factors that can cause you to troubleshoot pooping.


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There are not one but many possible explanations. If you hit the gym regularly, you probably have used most of the supplements, including pre workout powder and drinks. Pre workout supplements are a mix of compounds that helps an individual increase their energy level by pumping their muscles and giving the best performance in the gym. Also, the other reason could be using excessively high amounts of caffeine in your drinks as caffeine starts hitting only after 10-15 minutes of consumption.

Having a lot of fluid before your hit cardio or exercises can result in diarrhea. This might be the reason for having pre workout poop and it can also be because of the heavy exercises you perform. Diarrhea can be caused because of heavy lifting and if that is not the case, then it may be because of the higher intake of pre workout supplements you are taking is not according to your body type and if it still troubles you after even reducing the amount of supplement, then reduce supplements for a few days. Moreover, reduce the dosage of your powder and you will notice changes.

If there is still a problem, then consulting to a doctor is the best possible solution one can take because it can sometimes seriously affect your body and damage your health. Because of excessive intake of pre-workout supplements, can lead to many side effects like stress, blood pressure, and many more

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Pre workout is mostly used to enhance your body performance. According to the research, it does not show many of their benefits of supplements but some supplements are considered healthy for elderly adults. Nevertheless, it should be made clear that it does not mean that it is essential for adults to use such products. You should not use these supplements daily taking 3-4 times a week should be more than enough and you should not get addicted to supplements because it carries caffeine which is quite bad for your health if over-consumed.


1. Caffeine

One ingredient that is used in almost all types of powder and drinks is caffeine. It boosts our levels of energy to another level and studies clearly show that due to caffeine bowel moments increases and people defecate more than often.

2. vitamin C

Some supplements carry a large amount of vitamin C and according to scientific research, some people are sensitive to this. If you are sensitive to this vitamin, then pre workout can cause poo.

3. Magnesium

When it comes to pre-workout supplements magnesium stays at the top of the list because magnesium draws water from your intestines which leads to bowel activity. Therefore, it is not a main ingredient in most powders and drinks. It is only available in a minority of pre-workout supplements.

4. Yohimbine

Yohimbine is a compound that is found in most supplements. It is a great supplement for weight loss but it can cause an upset stomach.

5. Sugar Sweeteners

Some of the pre workout contains sugar sweeteners that carry zero flavors and not everyone can digest that pretty well which causes pre workout poop.

6. Powder With Water

Another reason could be using powder with water and having that can cause your gut to churn sometimes.

7. Dosage

The dosage could be one of the main reasons for your pre workout shit. Not everyone can digest 1 scoop of pre workout supplement if one is feeling some rumbling in their stomach then one should reduce the amount of scoop of pre workout that they are having.

8. Timing

Timing is also a great factor that causes your pre workout poop if you take supplements later in the day it can make you shit.

9. The B12

Some supplements have B12 and these are known to contract the muscles in your body.

10. Empty Stomach

Having pre workout supplements on an empty stomach can cause a poop. Taking pre workout can cause digestive discomfort for you.


As pre workout supplements can be addictive so use it according to your health conditions. Try to have your pre workout supplements with less water and have some food in your stomach so it won’t hit your digestive system directly. Use good quality pre workout supplements so that you won’t be feeling bad and your health won’t be sacrificed. Furthermore, if facing any serious issues, consulting a doctor is the best possible decision for you.

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