Why do my teeth hurt when I run

A lot of people complain about experiencing toothache while running,  I also use wonder that why do my teeth hurt when I run? Commonly the physical activity of running  increases your blood pressure which might feel like getting toothache.  So, the main reason for that is most probably an increase in your blood flow. This may also add up to any preexisting sinus infection. Here is a quick and easy guide to answer all your teeth related questions:

Does Running Damage Teeth?

It is a commonly asked question among many that can running damage teeth? While the act of running itself is not innately damaging to your teeth, there are a number of habits and patterns associate with the running lifestyle that might leave a negative impact on your dental health. Athletes who run regularly may face problems such as tooth infections, cracked teeth, or temperature sensitivity of teeth.

Positive Effects of Exercise on Teeth

Although there are some issues faced, running is not totally detrimental to dental health. It has some benefits as well:

  • There is a connection between smoking and exercise. Fit athletes are more likely to be complete non-smokers which results in a reduced amount of structural damage to your teeth.
  • Similarly, those people who exercise regularly are also less inclined towards obesity. Experts suggest that individuals who are obese are more likely to get periodontal diseases that those with a lower BMI (body mass index).
  • Generally, exercise engages and strengthens muscles in your body. This also applies to the gum muscles present in your mouth. So staying fit can also contribute to good oral health.
  • People who are physically fit and workout regularly are more in the habit of being aware of their physical health and get regular checkups from their physicians to maintain their fitness. This is an advantage as any tooth-related irregularities can also be diagnosed this way.

4 Causes of Teeth Hurt When Running

Regardless of the benefits you might be thinking about why do my teeth hurt when I run. Here are four main causes of running induced toothache.

Consumption of Sport Drinks

Sports drinks, while popular among athletes and runners for a quick fix of electrolytes and instant rejuvenation, may contain high amounts of sugar and acidic substances. The presence of these materials weaken the dentin layer in our teeth, becoming a possible factor to tooth decay and cold sensitivity, or even a nasty cavity.

Burden on Previous Dental Work

If you already have fillings and crowns, or any other dental procedures done it can be straining on your teeth to bear the diet and drinks that are a part of the runner lifestyle. Sticky protein bars or the brittle nuts in granola bars can jeopardize the efforts of your dentist and make your teeth feel weird.

Clenching Teeth

Many athletes are in the habit of grinding teeth during intense sessions or at subconsciously at night. This erodes the enamel of your teeth, and therefore gritting your teeth can lead up to periodontal disorders.

Breathing Through Mouth

During physical exercise or cardio, our bodies resort to anaerobic respiration because they struggle with getting sufficient amounts of oxygen. This is why mouth-breathing is a common habit among athletes to gasp for as much air as possible. However, this provides the ideal habitat bacteria that causes cavities.

How Can You Prevent Tooth Pain When Running?

prevent tooth pain when running

Now that you know the possible explanations for your toothache while running, the next question arises: ‘How do I stop my teeth from hurting when I run?’ Here are the respective solutions:

  • To prevent tooth sensitivity with cold caused by drinking excessive amounts of sports drinks, one should substitute their use with water or other less acidic alternatives. This would not only keep you fresh and hydrated, but it is safe to say that drinking water will make sure you do not suffer from temperature sensitivity of teeth.
  • To avoid disturbing the dental work in your teeth, you should be extra careful when chewing tricky food items. Highly processed foods and snacks that stick to your teeth should be steered clear of and you should opt for snacks that are organic and light for both your teeth and gut.
  • The answer of how to stop clenching your teeth is simple. Use a mouth guard that is suitable and comfortable to you that you can wear at night and during running to avoid gritting teeth. Other than that, practice relaxing your face from time to time to stop involuntarily clenching of teeth.
  • Since mouth-breathing is a means to an end for getting maximum air, one way to deal with it is to not partake in activities such as running in cold weather. Run when it’s breezy outside so that your body gets a steady supply of oxygen without much effort. Also, develop the habit of breathing through your nose as much as you can.

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