Why am I losing inches but not weight

If you are thinking why am I losing inches but not weight? due to strength training, you may lose inches as your body starts to burn fat but increases the muscle mass. This is a process know as as recomposition in which you lose body fat but gain muscle mass. Every person has different body fat and mass concentration. For example, 2 people may have a 200-pound weight but have different concentrations of fat and muscle mass.

The person who may have more amount of fat in his body might wear larger clothes as compared to the person having higher muscle mass. The best answer to why am I losing inches but not weight is that you are taking fewer calories, and high protein in the diet as result you experience body recomposition.

This is the reason your body trainer will not only rely on weight but also the amount of fat present in your body. To keep a healthy lifestyle, it is important to reduce the amount of fat in your body rather than weight.

Is it good to lose inches than losing weight?

Normally, it is not a matter of concern if you are losing inches instead of weight. Although it is even better for people who are determined to lose weight, but usually they do not understand it.

People who follow a healthy lifestyle like eating a nutritious diet, cutting down on sugar, and following the workout plan expect that in the end, they will appear smaller in size. People have the assumption that the smaller and lean you will look the healthier is your body.

As people count pounds on the weight scale, they become confused and do not notice the body changes. You don’t need to get worried if you are losing a few inches but not weight because your body is building muscles and getting lean.

A healthy body should have less amount of fat in it and if you are losing a few inches you’re most likely burning the excessive fat. Fat in the body can affect your internal organs. It also prevents high blood pressure and high sugar problems.

How do you monitor your weight-loss progress?

monitor your weight-loss progress

You should be trying some other ways to track your weight loss journey rather than frustrating yourself on a weight scale. Following are the ways through which you can find out whether your weight loss journey is a successful one or not.

  • Calculate body fat percentage

While following a fitness routine it is crucial to analyze body fat percentage every 2 to 4 weeks. You can use a fat scale machine or do hydrostatic weighing to calculate the amount of fat in your body. If you are not losing fat then you should make changes in your diet and workout routine.

  • Measure your clothes

Even if the amount of weight does not change, you will notice that your clothes are getting loose because you’re losing body fat. The pants and shirt especially from the area of your belly will start losing and you will need to buy smaller clothes.

  • Observe your body and health

It is not at all about physical changes but more about how you feel. If you have started losing body fat ultimately you will feel energetic, healthy, happy, and positive about your body.

If you have any health problem and trying to lose weight then you’ll start feeling better. With passing days, you will observe improvement in your exercise routine as well. When someone loses body fat they ultimately gain stamina for more workouts.

  • Take pictures

Take a picture before starting your fitness plan. After every 2 to 3 weeks take a picture and compare it with previous pictures. In this way, you can easily check your progress.

What do you mean by weight loss?

General thoughts about weight loss are based on the number of pounds or kilograms that appear on the weight scale. But actually, the main motive for losing weight is to burn body fat.

Nowadays, people go through a weight loss journey to improve their appearance but previously weight loss was a necessity for those suffering from health issues. If someone has health issues like heart diseases or diabetes more than body weight, body fat matters.

How do I know if I’m losing weight or Losing fat?

By using a body fat calculator machine, you can easily find out if you’re losing weight or fat. If your body weight is the same still you feel that in pictures your body is appearing different then it is likely that you have lost body fat.

You can also check your current clothes if they’re getting loose from different parts of the body it means that you are burning fat in those areas. You can also check your cholesterol level to find out if you’re losing body fat or not.

Loss of fat may be the cause of losing inches but not weight

If you desire to lose weight then you should be burning those excessive food stores in particular areas of your body. Most people who are doing strength training and following a strict diet end up losing inches but not weight. It is most likely because they lose fat.

If you have a question in your mind that how to get skinny. Losing body fat can help you in reducing a few inches but it won’t make you skinny. Losing body fat improves overall health.

Losing inches but not weight – can be due to muscle gain

Most people following a strict workout routine also consume a well-balanced diet to meet their body requirements. A person doing strength training consumes a high protein diet. When you perform weightlifting ultimately it puts pressure on your muscles and ends up muscle growth.

It is the recomposition process of the body in which you gain muscle mass while losing the body fat. Ultimately the result is that your body weight remains the same.

Final Words

If you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight goal in your mind. This question that why am I losing inches but not weight becomes quite frustrating. At the moment you won’t realise the changes in your body.

You may think that A healthy diet and workout routine do not bring any change to your body. but before making up your mind, you should perform a fat percentage test. Your efforts are not worthless, it is the healthy muscles that your body is building. at the same time your body saying goodbye to unwanted fat.

Simply do not stress out and focus on your goal. you are doing excellent and your main motive should be getting rid of the stubborn fat. The scale is only about numbers it does not tell you about your fitness goal progress.


How many inches can you lose in a week?

On average, a person following a strict diet plan and workout routine can lose up to 1 inch per week.

How many inches can you lose in a month?

If you are taking well balanced nutritious diet and do exercise on regular basis, you can lose up to 4 to 5 inches per month.

How many inches can you lose in a month safely?

It is absolutely safe to lose 2 to 4 inches per month, depending on your dedication and how much time you are giving to your weight loss journey. You can lose weight quickly if you remain consistent and dedicated to your fitness goals.

How many pounds to lose an inch?

If you’re losing 1 inch then you are probably losing 4 lbs. But if you do strength training and take a high-protein diet then there is a possibility that your body is doing recompositing of fat and muscle growth. You lose fat and gain muscle mass.

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