Which Face Shape Ages the Worst

Your face is the poster for your personality and how others view and perceive you. It is the first thing people see and notice and judge you upon. However, age is a force no one can battle against. It inflicts its due effects eventually over the course of time and there is not much we can do about it. Your face is likely to age differently depending upon what face shape you have. You could look at a series of factors to get an estimate of which face shape ages the worst.

How Does Face Shape Matter in the Aging Process?

There are multiple variations in people’s faces that affect how the face ages. How thick your skin is, makes a difference when it comes to the number of fine lines and folds you get when you age.  Other than that, there are some face shapes that are most likely to change with the years as they are more vulnerable to the effects of time and gravity. This could be seen in how skin or flesh on a face could sag or hang downwards. This could therefore a suitable indicator of what makes a face look old. Also, the facial features of individuals would also reflect which face shape ages the worst.

Face Shapes and How They Affect Age?

There are seven different shapes and facial structures that have individual characteristics. These characteristics all have a different relation to how one’s face shape changes with age. The types of faces we will be discussing are oval, round, square, oblong, heart, diamond, and pear.


These are considered the most desirable face shapes because the placement of the features and the size of the face are proportioned in a good-looking way. This is also the reason why they are able to withstand the test of time. Usually, the level of thickness on oval faces is moderate which gives rise to elasticity within the skin. This flexibility of the skin prevents wrinkles and sagging till older age groups as well.


People with this face shape have fuller faces. A distinct feature of round faces is their voluptuous cheeks which give them a suppler and baby-like look. However, this can also lead to them aging not as well as oval faces because later the area around these full cheeks tends to sag with age. The reason behind this tendency to sag is that the skin around these full cheeks is relatively thinner than the rest of the face. That is why it may lose its elasticity with time.


This face type has some similarities with a round face shape but differences as well. There is more volume around this face shape too but the difference is that it is not present in the cheek area. Instead, the people with this face type have a well-defined bone structure and this is why their cheeks don’t sag or hang. However, these people are not perfectly blessed as well because their faces age in a different way. Wrinkles start to appear around their mouth and eyes in form of smile lines when people with square-shaped faces grow old. The thinness of skin in these regions is the cause for this appearance.


These people have their work cut out for them. Even though people with oblong faces have longitudinal faces with minimal width in their facial structure which makes them attractive, these people get sagging and wrinkles around their mouths, eyes, and forehead. The epidermal cells throughout their faces are weak, meaning they have thin and penetrable skin. This further adds to their disadvantage and acts as a catalyst in their aging process.


These face types could be distinguished by a broad forehead and pointed chin. This gives their face the appearance of a heart-shaped silhouette. Individuals with this face shape age well with time and are definitely not the contender for which face shape ages the worst. Nevertheless, the tight skin around their minuscule chins might not remain as taut as always and cause sagging in old age.


This face shape has contrasting qualities as compared to a heart-shaped face. They have a small forehead and chin with horizontally extended cheekbones. The thin film of skin around their mouth and eyes results in wrinkles when these people grow old. In addition to that, their chin sags too.


A pear-shaped face is featured a tapered forehead accompanied by a wide chin. These face types are just as at risk to get wrinkling and fine lines developing with the passage of time. But, the sagging is not typical of a pear face shape because the features are not as defined.

Bottom Line

Every face shape has its own perks and downsides. What matters is that one should embrace their beauty and the features that they are blessed with naturally. Individuality in appearance is something to be grateful for. Growing old could be a beautiful experience if you carry yourself with grace. Nevertheless, if you find yourself wondering which face shape ages the worst, just think about how your face is the hand you’ve been dealt with. Embrace it. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from solar radiation and damage. Cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate when your skin needs it, and you will be good to go.


What Age Does Face Change the Most?

The average age bracket when one starts to notice changes in the way their face appears is when one crosses the age of 40 or 50. Although, some people can see changes occurring in their thirties too.

Is It Possible to Change Face Shape?

You can take the route of surgery, derma fillers, Botox, or liposuction to change the shape of your face. For a more natural approach, you can do exercises that define the muscles in your neck, chin, and jaw to create a more pronounced facial structure.

What Makes a Face Look Younger?

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times ensures that your skin looks fresh and vibrant no matter how old you are. Other than that, you also have to take extra precautions so that you do not overwork or excessively exert yourself. A rested face is a ravishing face.

Can You Improve Face Shape Without Surgery?

You can apply firming creams that slow down the process of aging by reducing the pace at which your skin loses its elasticity. Other than that, there are different face masks available in the market, each having its own benefit that can do wonders for your skin and make sure that the shape of your face remains as desirable as always.

Which Face Shape Ages the Worst?

There are different after-effects of aging that are observed in different face shapes. Therefore, the measure of which face shape ages the worst is subjective depending upon what characteristics look unappealing to your eye. In more general terms, one could suggest that face types with the least amount of fat show signs of aging at the earliest rate.

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