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The last few weeks of pregnancy can carry up transitions of moods, expectations, and emotions for the pregnant mum. One minute you may feel thrilled about the birth of your dearest one, and the next you could be feeling so irritated you just want things to end as quickly as possible so that you can walk to your chores without feeling pain or going out of breath.

For first-time mums, everyday anxiety can be understanding whether what they are encountering is a sign that labor is near, or it is just a thought not. Weird things can happen before labor which is normal. It is just that it is a painful process but it is totally worth it.

Weird things that can happen before labor with you could be the common signs that may help you to figure out that your baby is going to be with you soon. Unexpected labor signs are:

20 Weird Things That Happen Before Labor

1. Back/Hip Pain

Due to the weight of the growing baby, as your last days of baby practice, it is not uncommon for women to experience back pain. This can start before the second half of the menstrual cycle. However, back pain can boost right before labor starts due to extreme cramping in the pelvic and rectal areas. Hip pain can occur because of Relaxin, which is a hormone in your body.

2. Vaginal Discharge Known as ‘bloody Show’

As your cervix dilates and starts to pass through, a small amount of blood and mucous may occur, also known as a ‘bloody show.’ This is a signal that the blood vessels in the cervix are rupturing as it effaces and dilates, in time for the baby’s birth.

3. Your Pet May Be Acting Differently

It is one of the weird signs labor is near. This may sound like a strange one, and maybe you won’t believe but many people report their pets acting differently in the leading up to their labor. Some pets, it seems, are acute enough to know when things are going to occur.

4. You Can Finally Breathe Better

Do you feel like you could finally enjoy deep breathing again and something has changed now you are being able to breathe more perfectly? Then it means your baby has dropped into a lower position. And because they’re no longer pushing on your diaphragm, you can feel less strain when breathing. You will, however, feel pain in your pelvis because now your baby has dropped there.

5. Number 2(Diarrhea)

The reason why you want to use the toilet, could be your diarrhea our body releases relaxin to help loosen joints and ligaments before labor which is also an unexpected labor sign reason. But relaxin also impacts your rectal muscles and can irritate and make you go back to the bathroom repeatedly in that condition then it could be a sign of labor.

6. You Feel More Fatigue than Usual

With all these modifications happening to your body, you might start feeling exhausted and faded. Most women do go through fatigue problems before labor and this is common. This experience can be the perfect time to rest and regain energy. It is an unusual signs of impending labor.

7. You Have a Gut Feeling

Talking further about weird sings of labor, much is said about a woman’s intuition. Don’t be too quick to discard a ‘feeling’ you get, maybe that gut feeling could be the indication of the baby coming to the world. Getting yourself checked and prepared could be more beneficial than ignoring the feeling so always and listen to your gut!

8. Lightening

Lightening often takes place two to four weeks before labor for most first-time mothers. Mothers who have given birth before and this is not their first time there is a high chance that they won’t feel this. Your baby has changed position and that may put added pressure on your pelvis and bladder. So you may be used to regular urination as a pregnancy symptom, but if it is more than regular urination, then frequent urination is a potential sign of labor to come.

9. Urge to Nest

Some more uncommon labor signs are that the desire to nest for some women can be very strong in the sign to going into labor. If you find yourself emptying the pantry for no apparent reason, or positioning the nursery for your baby’s arrival, it might be a good sign! Consider these little bursts of your energy to organize can be a welcome especially for your dearest one.

10. Shivering/Feeling Cold

If you begin to feel cold and get a case of the shivers that last a couple of minutes, don’t worry. It might be a sign that your body is hyping and making you ready for labor, by shedding itself of tension. So if you are feeling sudden shivering or feeling cold that could be a signal of sign that time is really near so be ready for that.

11. Increased Tiredness

A general feeling of tiredness or weariness could be your body’s way of informing you to take it comfortably and sleep because labor is about to happen. The weird feeling before labor might alarm you so enjoy resting with your feet up or satisfy in that day nap while you can.

12- Braxton Hicks

The uterus feels like the shrinking of muscles around your pregnant belly. Braxton Hicks are usually felt mostly after 15 weeks and are practice contractions that help to manner the uterus. Some women may feel discomfort, they are generally not considered painful. However, for the first-time mom, it could be a sign of contraction but if it’s really painful, then seeking a medical professional is the best advice. Not everyone feels the Braxton hicks.

13. Acne Breakout

Pregnancy acne is not uncommon in the first and second trimesters due to an addition of the hormone androgen. Anecdotally, many women who may experience clear skin during their pregnancy report an acne breakout a few days before they went into labor. This may be the only time in your life that is weird for most of the first-time moms.

14. Change in Appetite

It’s common for women to encounter a decrease in hunger in the lead-up to the onset of labor. For other women, the hours or days before labor may be marked by an increase in appetite depending on the mothers but here are high chances of an increase in appetite. As we mentioned before, no two labors are the same!

15. Dizziness And/Or Nausea

During the early phases of labor, some women may feel nauseous or light-headed. If a situation is the same till the end, we recommend having your blood pressure checked by a medical professional throughout your pregnancy time period to eliminate any potential conditions because it can be a sign that your baby can arrive earlier than their time; which is the best for you and your baby sometimes.

16. The Baby Moves a Lot

The baby already starts rolling and kicking around way before labor, but by the time the body is ready for labor, the baby has grown and the kicks get much stronger, more extreme, and more regular. According to the Gynecologists, after 20 weeks and even during early labor, the baby will continue to move around quite a lot. There’s no need to worry because soon they will be out!

17. Higher Blood Pressure

Trimester Talk claims that another expected sign of delivery happening soon is high BP, mainly during the last day before labor. However, whenever a soon-to-be-mom notices she has high BP then without any delay, she should inform her doctor.

18. Weight Loss

In the days directing up to labor, you might notice a weight drop. You may lose anywhere from 1-3 pounds of water weight. When you are reaching your last days of pregnancy there you could feel your water has broken. That is a sign it’s time that a new member is coming soon to this world.

19. Emotional

If you are feeling emotional is there a sudden change in your mood swings before labor? Yes, that can be a sign that your hormone levels are changing as you prepare to give birth. That could be a sign of the time of your labor.

20. Gas And/Or Bowel Movement

Weird things of the labor is becoming gassy and having a BM can be a good sign of labor on its way, especially at the very end of pregnancy. It’s a weird pre labor sign but that could definitely be a message that now is the time for your labor.

Bottom Line

Labor definitely is not an easy part. The most common sign of your dearest one coming is water broken, painful contractions and vaginal discharge. These are the most common but there are many weird things that can happen before labor if you are feeling any other things, stay connected with your doctor throughout your pregnancy period and if you live far from the hospital then don’t panic and be prepared for any circumstances.

In addition, let your doctor advise you on some pain relieving methods so that it could be easy for you to go through the hardest part of being a mom. Also, don’t be afraid to visit your doctor even when it is not your date. The baby can come sooner than their time. Your priority is your baby so visit a reliable health institution even if you are just having a weird gut feeling.

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