how to prevent stretch marks from working out

Muscle Stretch marks could be found on your body due to many reasons but one of the most unexpected one is when you get them by working out. Now you might ask: is getting stretch marks from working out good or bad? The answer really relies on how you see stretch marks and perceive them. If you do not like them, and want to prevent stretch marks, this guide will be extremely helpful in suggesting how to prevent stretch marks from working out.

What Are Muscle Stretch Marks?

If you see that you have stretch marks on biceps or if there are stretch marks on shoulders, it is very likely that you got them from activities like working out or bodybuilding. Performing actions like these boost up the muscle mass in your body, the sudden and drastic growth in muscles causes your skin to stretch and permanently change in the form of stretch marks. This is specifically observed among the male population, so if you find yourself asking “are stretch marks a sign of muscle growth?” As a man, probably yes.

What Are the Causes of Stretch Marks?

When we work out and build mass in various areas of our body, growth occurs at a pace quicker than our skin can adjust to. This causes the tissues deep into our skin to tear and form scars which are the basis of stretch marks. The skin loses its ability to regain its old form back and gets permanently deformed. Intense workouts aim for significant results in a shorter amount of time and can therefore lead to stretch marks.

Common Types of Stretch Marks

The kind of stretch marks you have can be identified by considering two categories of stretch marks. The first type is called ‘Striae Rubrae’, these comprise of the early forms of these indentations in skin. They are visible in deeper hues like red, purple, or brown. The second kind, on the other hand, known as ‘Striae Albae’ are the ones that have stood the test of time and are seen in lighter shades due to fading with time, classified by colors like white or silver.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

This section will give you some insight on how to get rid of stretch marks from working out by telling some easy to follow tips and exercises to reduce stretch marks.

Cardio to Prevent Stretch Marks

It is an excellent way to keep up with your fitness while making sure your body is not just internally healthy but physically attractive as well. It will give your body a toned look by burning significant amounts of calories every day. There are many activities that could be counted as cardio like dancing, swimming, running, or speed walking. Doing cardio on a regular basis will remove excess fat from your body and will exhaust the calories which could cause growth in specific regions, thus reducing your chance of getting stretch marks.

Avoid Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

It is a very fine line between getting the results you want from workouts and unwanted stretch marks appearing on your body. While you are making a fitness plan, you will have to be very conscious if you are not aware of how to prevent stretch marks from working out. So try not to gain or lose weight on an immediate, unexpected basis. Allowing your body to grow and develop in areas where you want improvement will give your skin enough time to adjust and learn the change it is going through, and come unscathed.

Have a Nutritious Diet

To prevent scarring on your skin, it is essential to have a skin with optimum health. Following a strict diet regime will not only maximize your results for a healthy body but will also keep your skin looking fresh and clear of marks. A nutritious diet must contain adequate amounts of water so that your skin is not dehydrated and easy to break internally or externally.

The water intake could be anywhere between 7-9 glasses per day depending on your physical activity and other factors. Besides that, there are certain foods like meats with less fat, green vegetables, colorful fruits, whole grain, or nuts that could supply your body with a steady amount of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. This will strengthen your skin and make it more appealing to look at and less likely to long lasting damage or wounds.

Moisturize You Skin Daily

Another way of helping our skin become its best form is to keep it moisturized so that there is minimal wear and tear due to friction. Tretinoin Retin-A cream is a supplement of retinoic acid that can do wonders for your skin in removing marks and scars. However, it is not advisable to use this product if you are pregnant. Any pharmaceutical product must be used after referring to a doctor first.

A more natural alternative could be olive oil which will have fewer risks of side effects and will also provide your skin with additional anti-oxidants.

Also, cocoa butter can be lighter and smoother on your skin while also containing vitamin A and E. Applying silicone gel on your stretch marks as they begin to appear can also be a considerable way to prevent stretch marks from working out. But, there are mixed reviews about the effectiveness of this method with many people reporting that it does not work if your stretch marks have well developed.

Lastly, there is a plant called Gotu Kola that has emerged as one of the best remedies for healing stretch marks from working out. It contains substances like terpenoids that boost up the process of collagen synthesis in the body. This does not only help in recovering from old stretch marks but also stopping new ones to appear.

Bottom Line

Working out has both of its pros and cons. You get the body of your dreams and get to feel confident about yourself but there are drawbacks too such as learning self-control or getting stretch marks as a proof of the change your body went through. At the end of the day, it is all about how you present yourself and learn to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter how marked it is.

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