how much does a leg press weigh

How much weight you’re actually lifting on the leg press? Now the first thing is that every machine has a different style of machine and a different starting weight. How much you are pushing on a leg press machine is different for everyone. So for this, you have to use a little physics.

To calculate the percentage of the leg press machine weight you are lifting take the sine of the angle from horizontal.

Most individuals do assume when they perform a horizontal leg press that the weight is only being lifted from the ground up. However, this is not completely true. The weight that you are lifting on a horizontal leg press varies, depending on both the weight above and below the shoulder blades.

The Starting Leg Press Weight and Why It Is Important for Beginners to Know?

If you are a beginner in the gym and strength exercise and you haven’t done any lifting before, you should start with a light weight. Starting with a leg press weight of about 50% of your body’s total weight would be recommended. And for the leg press, start by using a weight that you can maintain for 2–3 sets with 8–15 repetitions. Select a weight that lets you maintain a good technique and a sound posture throughout all sets and repetitions.

Knowing the technique with a training bar that weighs around 22 pounds allows you to feel relaxed and ideal with your technique before you start adding weights. It’s compulsory to use good form and build up slowly so you’re able to keep your results.

How Much Does a Leg Press Weigh? 3 Factors

Each leg press has a different starting weight so it’s challenging to tell the exact weight of your leg press.

Leg Press Machine Type

According to research, the weight can be as low as 65 lbs and as high as 125 but that depends on the brand that you’re working with. The leg press is a famous part of gym equipment that can help your legs to build some muscles. There are mainly known two leg press machines normally found in gyms and home gyms: the first one is a horizontal leg press then the second one is a 45-degree leg press, with a seat that responds at an angle while your legs shove upward in a diagonal direction.

Both machines help to build or develop the muscles and hamstrings in your thigh including the gluteus. While it appears like an easy exercise, it’s crucial to learn how to use it properly and practice it in your daily life with consistency. Inputting attention to your posture can maximize the strength-building advantages and help you to prevent any type of injury. The leg press is used as part of a building leg muscle routine.

There are 3 different types of leg presses available:

1- The 45 Degree Leg Press

The 45 Degree Leg Press, sometimes also known to be the angled leg press, is considered to be fairly known in a gym environment and often advantageous as an adjustable back pad and a footplate

2- The Horizontal Leg Press

The Horizontal leg press is known to be similar to the 45 degree leg press. Sometimes also known as a seated leg press

3-The Vertical Leg Press

The Vertical Leg Press is a machine that has a back pad which is at floor level, in addition to the footplate directly above the back pad.

The Brand of Leg Press Machine

To figure out what your leg press machine weighs, you need to know about the brand you are buying for home or which brand you are using at the gym, and which type of leg press machine you are using.

  • The best Compact Leg Press Machine is the Rogue ISO Leg Press.
  • The best Vertical Leg Press Machine is the Titan Fitness Leg Press Hack Squat Combo Leg Press
  • The best Horizontal Leg Press Machine is the Body Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press
  • The best 45-Degree Leg Press Machine is the Force USA Ultimate 45-Degree Leg Press Hack Squat Combo

Style and Angle of Leg Press Machine

More than the weight of your leg press, the angle is important at which you are selecting to workout. The more upward you press, the easier it becomes for you. Then this 45-degree leg press is the best one as you are pressing upwards opposite to gravity, that’s why it needs more force and is better for your leg.

Leg Press Weight Without Plates

How much does a leg press weigh? The average commercial leg press has a starting weight of around 125 lbs (57 kg). This is the actual leg press sled weight when the plates are not added.

However, the exact starting weight is different for every brand, so it depends on the brand. So here is a list of some of the most known leg press brands and what are their starting weights:

  • Life Fitness 103 lb (47 kg)
  • Hammer Strength 118 lb (54 kg)
  • Cybex 125 lb (57 kg)
  • Precor 136 lb (62 kg)
  • Matrix 167 lb (76 kg)

Some Interesting Types of Leg Press Machines

45 Degree Leg Press

The 45 Degree Leg Press weigh, also known as the angled leg press, is known to be fairly common in a gym environment and often advantage you an adjustable back pad and a footplate that poses at a stable 45-degree angle. The weight is pushed sideways at an incline of 45 degrees.

Horizontal Leg Press Machine

The horizontal leg press machine is a typical addition to a gym as they are the most comfortable to use when compared to other leg press models. Place it straight out in front of you and position it similar to the floor.

Vertical Leg Press Machine

Vertical leg press is a machine with a back pad at a floor level with a footplate directly above the back pad. You would lie on the back pad and will keep your feet balanced against the footplate so your legs would be directly up in the air. It is towards the ceiling that the weights are pushed.

Leg Press Hack Squat Machine

The hack squat is basically a machine-based exercise. The hack squat is an excellent exercise that can help in conducting better squat posture and enhance strength gains. A hack squat machine works just like a classic barbell back squat, just with a few changes. The hack squat is positioned at a 45-degree angle, which provides for a more steady movement.

Final Words

The leg press is one of the best exercises that I acknowledge and it belongs in every lifter’s workout schedule. Whether you are looking to build muscles, maintain your lower body after an injury, or want to maintain athletic explosiveness, the leg press exercise can surely help you to achieve these.

The leg press machine has its place in the gym since any small injury to your back or shoulders results in preventing you from deadlifting or squatting.

However, do not let leg presses become a substitute for squats or deadlifts, squats should form the cornerstone of every weightlifting program. Choose the type of leg press machine that lines up with your training goals and gets you what you want.

Does Angle Matters in the Leg Press Machine Weight?

The flatter you press, the easier the process becomes. Most leg press machines have a 45-degree angle, but this can change from model to model. the heavier the press you will feel, or the flatter the angle the easier the process becomes.

How Much Does the Leg Press Plate Weigh?

The moderate commercial grade plate-loaded leg press has a beginning weight of around 125 lbs (57 kgs). This is the official weight of the sled when you are not adding any plates.
However, the exact starting weight does vary from brand to brand and model to model. 

Does Leg Press Weight Equal Squat?

If you’re looking for a whole-body workout, then squats have the benefit of leg presses. But if balance is a concern for you, or if you have shoulder or back pain or any kind of injury, then leg presses may be a more suitable choice.
Though leg presses and squats have muscle groups, they do have from slightly different angles. This means balancing your leg workouts with both exercises may be the best way for you.

How Much Does a Sled Weigh in a Leg Press Machine?

The moderate weight of the sled on an angled leg press machine is 109 lbs.

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