People burn calories using Roller Skating.

Roller skating is a fun and thrilling way of doing your share of physical activity. While it freshens you up and lightens your mood, it also burns calories in the process! So along with calories burned, roller skating makes you feel young again as well. You get all the 80’s nostalgia and if you still have the question that does roller skating burn calories? This article will give you all the details you need on this matter.

How is Roller Skating Helpful for Losing Weight?

The general activities or exercises associated with weight loss are often boring, repetitive, and tiresome. This is why people feel more obliged to perform these tasks rather than looking forward to them. This negative attitude hinders your progress. If you switch to a more fun exercise, you will actually have a good time and will put in your best efforts towards achieving your fitness goals. That is why roller skating is an effective way to shed pounds because it does not seem like too much of a hassle and is positive driving force towards physical health.

How Roller Skating Burns Calories?

In roller skating, calories are burned in a manner that minimizes any threats and risks of both major and minor injuries. Activities like heavy weightlifting or boxing, are risky to perform because there is a greater of likelihood of accidents occurring. In comparison, roller skating is relatively safer because you wear the gear, like kneepads and helmets that reduce impact even if you do fall.

Aerobic Respiration

When you consider the question of how can you lose weight roller skating gives the answer in the form of a biological process called respiration. It is the process of oxidation of food molecules in your body so that they release energy. Water and heat are some byproducts of this chemical reaction that takes place in our body. Roller skating makes use of this, when we are doing it we breathe in large amounts of air which supplies the oxygen for this process. The excess food stored in the form of unwanted calories in our body are utilized as they react with oxygen to give us the high amount of energy required to carry on with roller skating.

Anaerobic Respiration

It is a variation of the process mentioned above. Anaerobic respiration takes place when there is a shortage of oxygen. If you have been roller skating for a long time in closed space, you will definitely feel out of breath. Even though you are gasping for air, it is still not enough for aerobic respiration. And yet you are continuing to roller skate, demanding for more energy. In a scenario like this, your body resorts to anaerobic respiration, which would compensate for the energy even in the absence of sufficient oxygen. The process of glycolysis will still happen, meaning glucose molecules in your body will be broken down to release energy, but the byproducts will vary. Your body will also release lactic acid in the process which can further contribute to more glycolysis. In this way, you will lose calories during intense roller skating through anaerobic respiration.

How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes of Roller Skating Burn?

There are different levels of calories burnt for each type of roller skating. We will stumble upon multiple answers. If we look for how many calories does roller skating burn? Roller skating can burn an approximate of 250 calories at a normal or medium speed for 30 minutes. But if we switch it up and consider the prospects of activities like roller skating in a skating park, roller skating in swifter motions, or even infusing dance in your roller skating, it is obvious that the calories burned will be greater in number since these activities are more challenging to your stamina.  Other than that, how many calories do you burn roller skating also depends on the person’s BMI (body mass index) or how much they weigh.

Does Roller Skating Burn Belly Fat?

The answer to this question is multi-dimensional, with implications being that it is a two-faced response. In simpler terms, during aerobic and cardio workouts like roller skating will indeed help you burn fat, but it will be all across your body. While belly is also included in that premises, but it will not specifically target your belly alone. Roller skating regularly and frequently will bring results on an overall basis, covering your whole body. This means that with the flow of time, you will notice changes on your belly area too. While you cannot roller skate in a way that only enables you to lose fat around belly, you can put in some extra effort in order to enhance the results visible in your belly region once you do lose the actual fat. Assimilating abdominal exercises like crunches or sit ups along with your roller skating sequences can help give a more toned appearance on your belly when it rids itself off the fat.

How Many Calories Does 1 Hour of Roller Skating Burn?

Moving on, if we consider the prospect of how many calories does roller skating burn per hour, we find out that roller skating, also known as rollerblading is a highly effective fitness sport. It helps you lose round 330 calories all within an hour.  But this calorie burn could be further escalated as well, as you do it more intensely and with greater pressure, you could burn more calories in an hour. So if we look at how many calories does roller skating burn an optimistic answer could be about 550 to 600 in an hour if you are really making a run for it.

Does Roller Skating Slim Thighs?

Observing how roller skating is done could give you a good insight on how beneficial it is for slimming thighs. It is an exercise for the muscles of your lower body as that is the region you are using most during rollerblading. Different muscles in your hips and legs, such as quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, will all get toned and will be well exercised. Muscles would be built up and you might also end up burning some fat located on your inner thighs.

Make yourself Motivated for Daily Roller Skating?

Multiple techniques could be employed to keep yourself motivated to keep going on with your roller skating. If you find yourself lacking and unwilling to go, reminisce about your previous awesome session that you had and the feeling of accomplishment you got from that. You can also keep switching up the locations, this would reduce the boredom factor and will keep you engaged. Another great way to drive yourself to roller skate regularly is to get your friends to accompany you. Roller skating with friends multiplies the fun factor and instills a little friendly competitiveness that will do wonders for you.

Which is better Roller Skating or Running?

If we compare in terms of calories burnt, there isn’t much of a significant difference. However, there are factors to count as well. for example, roller skating is generally more fun and thrilling than running as you can perform different routines and learn tricks instead of simple, monotonous running. In addition to that, it is also safer than running as it does not take as much of a greater toll on your joints as in running.

Wrapping Up

Summing up, roller skating is an unconventional and challenging way to lose weight and burn calories but is has its own fan base and justifiably so, because the pros outweigh the cons.

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