what happens if you drink protein shakes without working out

Protein shakes have progressed from being cult classic favorites to almost a basic yet essential component of every fitness freak’s diet. Now available in a variety of flavors, these are often considered as the easy way to a healthy body without the confinement of following a strict diet regimen. Experts have different views about this method of ‘hacking’ your way into fitness; while some consider protein shakes as helpful tools, other have their reservations about their usage. But honestly, drinking protein shakes without working out can give you bad results as protein contains calories, and consuming extra calories with no exercise can be harmful. Regardless of that, they have been skyrocketing to fame among the masses and are widely promoted, sold, and used. That is why it is natural to wonder about what happens if you drink protein shakes without working out?

What Do Protein Shakes Do?

Protein shakes are usually consumed on a regular basis and are associated with gaining muscle to facilitate the fitness journey of an individual. The fiber in protein shakes also gives the sense of being full which can compensate for the lack of carbohydrates being absorbed into the consumer’s body. It also stops us from going towards unhealthy snack just for the sense of fulfillment.  When training intensely, the body is likely to go through weight loss but it is often accompanied by muscle loss as well. Protein shakes come in handy here and prevent muscle loss. These supplements such as whey protein powder provide a quick and ample supply of protein, which is a crucial component of a balanced diet.


Some benefits of protein shakes

Protein shakes boost your metabolism

Protein found in these protein supplements, unlike complex carbohydrates such as starch or complex fatty acids like lipoamino acids, is easy to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It is effective and acts fast. It becomes easier for the body to process it and build new cells from it that will later contribute to a faster metabolism that will bring an overall improvement in the health of a person.

Helps in weight loss

These supplements are mostly found in the form of powder. These powders are stirred into water, milk, or other liquids as suggested by dietitians. Other ingredients can also be added into the mix for enhancing the flavor and tailoring this health potion according to one’s personal liking or preferences according to their taste buds. This factor of personalization and customization is supported by the availability of a diverse range of flavors. This gives satisfaction to the one drinking so that they do not fall prey to unhealthy cravings of sweets that may later hinder their journey of physical development. People also drink protein shakes without working out for the sake of devouring. Pairing them with a balanced diet, or even using them as substitutes for some meal is a common practice.

Fit Body

Some people might consider drinking protein shakes without working out as beneficial too. This is because it contains a generous dose of protein which is the main nutrient responsible for muscle development. It can lead to a more toned, lean body with apparent muscles which is deemed appealing and attractive among many.

Common foods added to protein shakes

Common foods added to protein shakes

There is a multitude of options and ingredients to choose from when it comes to putting additional foods in your protein shakes. It is safe to say to say that there is something for everything when it comes to this matter. A person might add fruits such as strawberries for the extra sweetness, or other berries for a pop of flavor. Bananas could be added to constitute fiber in the protein shake too. Other than that, some people might even opt for adding chunks of zero sugar, dark chocolate for an added richness while also quenching their palates as dark chocolate itself has a number of antioxidants and macronutrients that release endorphins in the body, also leading to the release of “happy hormones’ in the bloodstream. Chunks of nuts could also be added to provide a bit of crunch.

What happens if you drink protein shakes without working out?

Many might agree that protein shakes definitely have their benefits. Then the question arises of what happens when you drink protein shakes without working out? Or alternatively, is it okay to drink protein shakes without working out? Here is a list of possible effects that one might observe when they take protein powder without working out:

7 Bad Effects of drinking protein shakes without working out

Bad Effects of drinking protein shakes without working out

Let’s have a deep discussion on some bad effects of drinking protein shakes without working out.

 Weight gain

It has been already established that the large amount of protein in protein shakes or whey protein powder help compensate for the loss of muscle and calories burnt in resistance training or strength-building workouts. Protein helps to rejuvenate the body’s process of cell generations and speeds tissue generation. But, if there are no extra calories being burnt in the absence of workout, then one might gain extra weight by consuming power packed protein shakes. So, weight gain can be one of the possible answers to the question of what happens if you drink protein shakes without working out.

Loss of appetite

Protein is one the most filling nutrients. Consuming it gives the feeling of a full stomach for a long time which reduces a person’s chances of getting pangs of hunger throughout the day. Drinking protein shakes paired with a low carb diet might just be the fix to maintain an ideal body shape. This could also be interpreted as using protein shakes as meal alternative which lose some pounds but might leave a negative impact in the long term. Simply taking protein shakes without exercise or a proper workout can deprive a person of a complete balanced diet which should essentially contain all necessary food groups such as carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals; all in suitable amounts as suggested by health experts.

Source of Fiber

Protein shakes are indeed remarkable sources of giving the much needed fiber to today’s sugar laden bodies. Many studies show that fiber is often overlooked in people’s diets which is absolutely misleading if one desires to have optimal health. Fiber plays an integral role in determining the digestive health of a person and very contributive towards the process of defecation which rids the body of harmful toxins and excess moisture content. Protein shakes could be considered as sources of fiber for those who forget to include it in their daily diet.

Kidney Damage

Kidneys are the main organs responsible for filtering out the unnecessary substances such as urea or creatinine that are created when our bodies metabolize protein. The excess supply of protein from supplements can overburden these organs, potentially causing long term damage as the kidneys would struggle with metabolizing the impossible amounts of protein.

Hyper activity

Drinking protein shakes for breakfast in the morning could be seen as the best to way to kick off your day because it produces an instant surge of energy due to the drastic release of the insulin hormone, which would immediately fuel the body and mind. However, caution should be taken as running out of this energy might halt levels of performance and overall physical activity.

Overlooked ingredients

Artificial flavors, sugars, additives and preservatives might be a fitness freak’s nightmare but these actually often exist as commonly found ingredients in most brands of protein shakes. This highlights the questionability of the benefits of protein shakes and how efficient they really are in promoting good health, when people often fail to see the ingredients they contain which they would never otherwise consume willingly in their daily lives.

Lower pH levels

The ideal pH level of human body is around 7, which is near to neutral on the pH scale. An empty stomach in the absence of proper diets may have pH levels way below 7, which is acidic in nature. Acidity in itself can cause heartburn, lethargy, or tissue damage as well in extreme cases. Drinking protein shakes on an empty stomach may further drop the pH levels, making the gut more acidic.

Final words

After analyzing the possible outcomes of is it bad if your drink protein shakes without working out, it could be safe to say that while it has advantages the downsides are on the heavier side. Therefore, one should take on this venture at their own risk with a fair idea of the consequences.


Is it good to drink a protein shake every day?

It is safe to drink protein shakes on a daily basis but one should not depend on supplements for their nutrients and should get them from whole food sources.

How often should you drink protein shakes?

Two protein shakes is enough for someone who workouts a regular amount of time and has average physique and build. For those who go for intense workouts, three or even four shakes a day could also be suggested. Make sure to consult an expert for accurate prescription according to your physical health and level of exercise.

Is water or milk better for protein shakes?

Since protein shakes already have a sufficient amount of calories it is better to take them with water to avoid the extra calories that milk offers. Water is also preferred if you’re lactose intolerant.

What are some common types of protein shakes?

Shakes could be made from different types of powders namely whey, egg, casein, hemp, brown rice, pea, and mixed plant proteins.

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