Can You Take Pre Workout on an Empty Stomach? A Complete Guide

Can you take pre workout on an empty stomach

Can you take pre workout on an empty stomach? This question is quite common on the Internet. Because of hectic daily work commitments, many people prefer hitting the gym in the morning. To explain it in simple words rather can you take pre workout on an empty stomach? Yes, you can have a pre-workout with natural ingredients which improves exercise performance, stamina building, and protects anabolic muscles.

Nothing can be more relaxing than waking up early in the morning and following your workout routine. It keeps you relaxed and helps in time management. The whole day you don’t have to worry about this strenuous part of your daily routine.

Although some people like to work out on an empty stomach but frankly speaking many people do not have the stamina to pursue a workout on an empty stomach. Now the question is can you take pre workout on an empty stomach, is it beneficial or harmful, and what supplements or food you should have before working out?

Does taking a pre-workout supplement on an empty stomach increases the bioavailability of its ingredients or maximize its absorption or does it have any side effects on the gastrointestinal tract?

This article is a complete guideline for all queries related to pre-workout supplements and foods.

What Are Pre-workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements act as energy boosters. They increase your stamina so that you can work out for a longer time period. It also prevents fatigue, helps in muscle recovery, improves physical performance, reduces protein breakdown, and accelerates muscle building.

The most common ingredients of a pre-workout supplement are branched-chain protein branched, chain amino acids, Creatine, citrulline, malate, Taurine, and vitamin B12.

Creatine is helpful in building muscles which we will discuss in detail later on. While caffeine helps in providing energy and is a good choice for those desiring to lose weight.

Why take a pre-workout supplement?

Most people find it difficult to do workouts on an empty stomach. To boost energy, reduce fatigue, prolong their workout routine, and build body muscles they choose pre-workout supplements.

Work out on an Empty Stomach

Although many people like to exercise on regular basis, only a few people actually enjoy their workout sessions. Everyone has different practices while preparing their body for a workout.

Some individuals prefer to exercise while fasting. The theory behind working out on empty stomach is that when you haven’t eaten anything your body will not have food calories energy available. Ultimately the body will use its stored fat energy to continue the intensive muscular activity.

Some people have stamina even after an overnight fasting state. However, everyone is not capable of doing exercise on an empty stomach. Some people have health issues like cardio metabolic complications due to which they require a pre-exercise meal to overcome metabolic issues.

Those individuals who can work out on an empty stomach in the morning, there is nothing bad about it. After a whole night of fasting, your body easily breaks down the fat to release energy. Those people who are deciding to burn body fat and reduce weight should definitely try workout on an empty stomach.

Pre-workout Consumption When Fasting: Is It Beneficial or Harmful?

Working out on an empty stomach helps in burning fat but at the same point, it can also lead to muscle catabolism (protein breakdown) or cause fatigue.

Therefore, many people like to take pre-workout supplements or food that help in getting most of their fasted training. A pre-workout supplement with natural ingredients provides you with sufficient energy, improves exercise performance, helps in stamina building, and protects anabolic muscles.

Pre-workout Supplement Ingredients

There are many pre-workout supplements available in the market which consist of natural ingredients and do not cause any harm to the health. But there are some pre-workout supplements that contain artificial sweeteners and additives that may lead to gastric discomfort.

You should be aware of the constituents of a pre-workout supplement before buying it. Following are some of the healthy and beneficial ingredients which you should look for in your pre-workout supplements.


Creatinine is an organic compound present in muscle tissues. It helps in ATP energy production, and muscle growth, and builds stamina and energy for workouts. You will not feel its results within a few minutes like caffeine but in the long term, this ingredient works amazingly. After a few days of taking it, you will start experiencing differences In your whole body.

Citrulline + Glutathione

Citrulline and glutathione combination helps in producing nitric oxide. Nitric oxide leads to healthy circulation and ultimately improves blood pumping. Citrulline increases the strength and power of muscles. Due to these reasons, this combination is quite famous among bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts.


MCT is medium-chain triglycerides oil that should be a part of a pre-workout supplement for those following a keto diet, intermittent fasting, or fast training. It provides fast-acting energy fuel to the brain and body. The best part is that it doesn’t disturb the fat-burning process during a workout.


Protein and essential amino acids help in building body muscles. Particularly, if we talk about branched-chain amino acids they are helpful in accelerating protein synthesis and protecting against catabolic muscle damage during exercise.

Pre-workout Foods You Should Eat on an Empty Stomach

If you do not like pre-workout supplements then you can also take the following foods.

  • Almond butter on toast
  • A banana
  • Peanut butter on toast
  • Scrambled egg, hard-boiled egg, or an omelet with toast
  • Oatmeal with berries
  • Greek yogurt with berries
  • Granula bar or protein bar

The selection of your pre-workout food should be based on your workout exercises.

Benefits of Taking Pre-workout on an Empty Stomach

Following are some of the benefits of taking pre-workout on an empty stomach

  • The ingredients of the pre-workout supplement help in muscular growth improve body composition and aerobic performance
  • Pre-workout supplements help in building lean mass and stamina to perform empty stomach workouts
  • Taking pre-workout supplements helps in improving the strength of upper body muscles, it prevents fatigue and weakness. You feel energetic and alert throughout your workout session.

Side Effects of Pre-workout on an Empty Stomach

Although taking pre-workout on an empty stomach is beneficial in reducing weakness and fatigue, it provides you more energy in a fasting state. But at the same time, it may lead to following pre-workout effects.

Gastric discomfort

Some people complain about gastro discomfort when they use pre-workout supplements on an empty stomach. The most common reason can be the presence of artificial ingredients in the supplement. Make sure you buy a supplement with organic and natural ingredients to prevent gastric distress.


Many pre-workout supplement users claim that they feel sick or nauseous when they drink pre-workout on an empty stomach. The exact reason is still unknown, is it we drink excessive liquid or the supplement that is causing nausea. You can eat some pre-workout foods to reduce the number of supplements to avoid such conditions.


Since pre-record supplements consist of many acidic ingredients it may lead to decreased PH. 2.7-2.9 PH or even less can lead to acidity. The ingredients that can become a reason for acidity include caffeine, citrulline, sugar, citric acid, etc.

Bottom Line

Hope you got the answer about can you take pre workout on an empty stomach. For the majority of persons, it is beneficial and does not cause any side effects. But at the end of the day, everyone has a different body. You should be using a pre-workout supplement based on your health and the type of workout regime you follow.


Can Pre Workout Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

If your pre-record supplement has ingredients like 1.3-DMAA it can lead to increased cardiac activity causing constriction of blood vessels of the penis. Frequent and long-term use can cause erectile dysfunction.

Can Pre Workout Cause Acne?

Pre-workout supplements are loaded with ingredients that cause acne. You can keep a check and balance on the ingredients you are consuming to prevent breakouts.

Does Pre Workout Make You Poop?

Some pre workout supplements consist of magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate or some other compound. Magnesium has laxative properties and excessive use can cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

Does pre workout stunt growth?

No, there is no scientific evidence that proves pre-workout supplements inhibit growth. Rather pre-workout supplements accelerate muscle growth.

Does Pre Workout Expire?

Yes, just like any other protein or dietary supplement pre-workout supplements also have an expiry date.

Can I Pre Workout Before Sex?

Pre-workout supplements consisting of citrulline and Arginine help in boosting nitric oxide. Nitric oxide improves the quality of erection because of which many people use pre-workout supplements before sex.

Does Pre Workout Make You Last Longer in Bed?

No, a pre-workout supplement does not make you last longer in bed since it only increases your physical stamina and has no effect on sexual health.

Can Pre Workout Kill You?

Absolutely not! There are very rare chances of a pre-workout supplement killing you until or unless you drink the whole bottle at a time. The ingredients are not in much high concentration which can lead to any health issues.

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