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Millions of people worldwide suffer from high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular conditions. Patients with HF risk being readmitted if they do not monitor their symptoms, follow their treatment plan, and exercise appropriately.

In particular, 25% of discharged heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days of their discharge. Thus, their heart rate and blood pressure have to be monitored constantly throughout the day. Furthermore, those with weak cardiovascular systems should be more cautious about their health.

Healthy eating, sleep and exercise all contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that there are many apps available to help people maintain a healthy heart. In order to maintain good “heart health”, we have compiled a list of the best heart disease apps for iOS and Android. 

We will get to the list in a moment but before that, another crucial thing to take care of is your internet connection. You must ensure that the connection is reliable and steady at all times so that you can get instant notifications of your heart health.

If you are looking for recommendations already, we might have an option for you. Spectrum is one of the most reliable providers that have affordable plans. Additionally, there are no data caps, so you can enjoy unlimited data. 

Now that we have you ready, below are some of the heart health apps you must download right away:

PulsePoint Respond

If you experience cardiac problems, you may not always be able to get fast assistance. With this app, you can connect with CPR-trained community members who can assist in cardiac emergencies (or other emergencies) minutes before emergency units arrive.

In order to ensure the quality of CPR, it is best to have a professional perform it. You can use the app to notify people in the surrounding area who can respond quickly and save a life before emergency services arrive.

In addition to providing directions to the nearest automated external defibrillator, the app also guides responders. Additionally, the app can alert you to other nearby emergencies and events, which can help keep you and your family safe and avoid morning commute traffic.

CardioSmart Heart Explorer

In an effort to enhance patient care and promote better communication about cardiovascular health, the American College of Cardiology has launched the CardioSmart Heart Explorer app for iPhone and Android for free. A touch of a button demonstrates the potential effects of treatment for cardiovascular conditions using interactive graphics, animations, and engaging options.

My Cardiac Coach

The American Heart Association developed My Cardiac Coach to help people, who have suffered a heart attack, recover. Patients suffering from heart disease will find the app useful with its set of features too. In addition to heart rate monitoring, it features heart-related lessons, medication-tracking reminders, and a community of others who have experienced heart attacks.

It is regarded as a complex tool for recovery. American Heart Association has compiled a collection of scientific articles. Also, the app can be used for fitness. It is not only possible to monitor heart rate here. The app also allows users to log their weight and physical activity. Thankfully, both Android and iOS versions of the app are available for free.


Heart rate, blood pressure, and other cardiovascular health metrics are tracked with Qardio. The app has won several awards, so it doesn’t need any introduction. You can get a big picture of your heart health beyond the numbers with visual feedback as well as other health metrics like your weight and body composition.

Data can be exported and shared easily with your doctor or family members using this app with any Qardio device. If you own an Apple Watch, you can use this app to track and share your heart health data even more conveniently.

Instant Heart Rate+

People who regularly measure pulses will find this app very helpful. The app uses the camera on the phone to measure heart rate. Using color changes on the finger, the app detects your heart rate unexpectedly.

There are positive reviews and a good rating for the app, which proves its accuracy. You will also be able to view every heartbeat by just placing your finger on the screen of your phone. Medical oximeters use the same principles for measuring pulses as professional ones.

Not only will the app benefit those with heart disease, but it will also be useful for athletes who constantly monitor their health. You can download Instant Heart Rate+ for Android and iOS devices.

Wrapping Up

The apps and gadgets for heart health are not meant to replace clinical care, but they can help patients live healthier life by monitoring their daily heart health. That is all for this post. If you have any other apps in mind, please comment below. 

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