Effects of Taking Creatine without Working-Out

Health and fitness is an ongoing process, that requires constant motivation, dedication, hard work, and performance improvements. The best way to take care of your health is by eating a nutritious diet and following regular workout sessions.

While working out in gyms, people these days overcome their nutritional deficiencies with the help of supplements. There are many supplements available on market like pre-workout, post-workout, proteins, carbs, minerals, and electrolytes. These supplements are available in different formulations and brands. They work amazingly for maximizing muscle growth and building workout stamina.

One such supplement is creatine. It helps in muscle growth. For ages, people take creatine to accelerate muscle growth. It provides bodybuilders and athletes with the ergogenic nutritional supplement to maintain their bodies. With its multiple advantages, people often have questions such as is working out without creatine bad, or what happens if you take creatine without working out.

Creatine is an essential supplement since it helps in building muscle. But what about the days when you’re taking off from training? Can you take creatine without working out or what effects does it cause? Let’s have a details information for all these queries below.

What Is Creatine?

According to the National Institute of Health, Creatine is an Endogenous amino acid extracted from the derivative of vertebrate animals. These extractions primarily occur from the muscle cells.

When you consume creatine in your diet, it is an acid produced by your body with the help of organs like the kidney and liver. It is also present in animal proteins like fish and red meat. As its quantity is in a tiny amount, you will need to eat excessive food to get more creatine. Therefore, Creatine supplements are available.

How Does Creatine Work?

Creatine helps in building muscle mass but how does actually it work? The body muscles help in the conversion of creatine into creatine phosphate. Later, Creatine phosphate is converted into adenosine triphosphate ATC which the body utilizes in intense workout sessions.

Since creatine is present in very less amounts in proteins. Therefore, to get a sufficient amount of creatine you will need to eat pounds of protein. To make creatine intake more beneficial manufacturers have introduced its supplements.

Instead of eating lots of food, all you have to do is consume it in liquid, powdered, or tablet form. However, you should know that creatine supplement is only complementary or enhance the action of proteins.

It is not a replacement for protein. Most people confuse creatine with protein but both of them work in a different manner. Creatine helps in building strength for exercise sessions while protein accelerates the muscle repairing process after exercise.

Can You Take Creatine Without Working Out?

Yes, you can take creatine without working out. It is similar like you can take your regular meals even on your workout off days or even not working out regularly.

The reason for taking creatine without working out is to maintain the creatine level so that when you will do an intense workout again, you will get immediate recovery. The creatine deposit in the body builds energy level for the next workout.

Creatine supplement is very helpful for those who do muscle training at least three times a week. Since they do repetitive exercises it can lead to muscle soreness. Taking supplements will have them in reducing muscle soreness and speed up the recovery process.

But now the question arises about those people who do not do any exercise. If you do not work out regularly, creatine supplements are not necessary for you. But if you do activities like walking or running, then you can take a protein supplement to increase your energy levels.

Effects of Taking Creatine Without Working Out

Following are the 7 effects of taking creatine without working out.

Creatine without Working Out

It Accelerates Muscle Growth and Strength

Although you will get much better results from creatine if you take it while working out. But it doesn’t mean that it is completely useless on off days. While not doing intense workouts creatine helps in building muscle and strength.

According to research on both men and women, it has been proved that creatine increases muscle mass and strength. Men who were taking it on a regular basis increased 4 lb of muscle weight without following an exercise regime.

It Is Beneficial on Rest Days

People think that creatine is a pre or post-workout supplement but it is not true. Creatine takes some time for its storage in the muscles. It is completely okay to take it on rest days. To refill creatine reserves in the muscles, you should take it on regular basis. Creatine has the following effect on the body

  • Minimum 10% increase in physical strength
  • Muscle growth
  • Quick recovery from an intense workout

It Refills the Creatine Reserves of the Body

Each muscle cell of the body has a specific capacity to store creatine. It is called Creatine reserve. People take creatine supplements to refill these reserves. When creatine reserves are filled, the body has enough strength to provide energy to the muscles during a workout.

If you are not working out then apart from reserving creatine, the rest goes wasted. Therefore, you should reduce your creatine intake if you do not work out. But While taking a break from the workout, you can continue the same amount of creatine.

High Excretion of Creatine

It is an excellent choice if you’re taking creatine for your workout routines or you have a hectic daily routine. Though if you are consuming a high amount of it, eventually your body will excrete it out unused. No matter how much creatine you are consuming, once the protein reserves are filled up there is no place to store more.

If you consume extra creatine in your diet your body will excrete it out. Don’t worry, it is not harmful but will definitely waste your time and money. You should consult a nutritionist that how much creatine your body requires when you are not working out. We will recommend, that it is better to consume less amount of creatine than the usual dose.

It Is Beneficial in Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

High blood sugar level causes dysfunction in the body system. Creatine helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. It absorbs blood sugar from the cells for producing energy. It prevents the blood sugar from roaming in the body which is harmful to the system.

It Provides You with Excessive Energy

Whether you are working out or have a busy day, creatine supplement provides you energy to fulfill all your duties. You are lifting weight, doing cardio, planning a party, helping a friend in moving, or going for a hike your body will need intense energy.

Similar is the concept of creatine in day-to-day life. Whether you work out or not, your body needs the stamina to fulfill all your daily tasks and within minutes creating provides this power to your muscles. But make sure that you do not solely depend on creatine, include protein in your diet as well.

Increases Water Weight and Makes You Thirstier

It will happen anyway no matter whether you are working out or not. Creatine has the capability to attach and store water in the muscles. And even if you are not working out it gives a bigger appearance to the body muscles. It does look attractive but will not provide you with much strength.

Due to this property, the most common side-effect of creatine is bloating. As it holds up more water weight. The water is collected from different parts of the body to the muscles causing dehydration. Keeping you thirsty throughout the day. While consuming creatine, make sure you drink plenty of water

Final Thoughts

Creatine supplement is an essential supplement if you follow an intense workout routine regularly. But you can also consume creatine without working out. If you are on a break from your exercise routine consume the same amount. It improves physical and mental strength. it also increases body mass. However, you should not consume excessive supplements as it can lead to stomach discomfort.

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